Unlocking Notes

One of our design considerations for locking was that you shouldn’t have to be bothered by continuously entering your password each time you try to open a locked note in the same session. It’s the “in the same session” part that’s important. Once you’ve opened the first locked note, you won’t be prompted again for the same session.

There are a few ways to end your session:
-quit the app (push your device’s home button while in Mental Note)
-lock your device (sleep/wake button)
-on iPhone, if you received a phone call while in Mental Note

Our thought was that it’s still you using Mental Note in the same session, and so the app should be smart enough to know you’ve already entered the password.

The password protect feature is mainly intended to protect your private notes when other people are using your device. So if Mental Note is running, and you’ve already unlocked a note, lock the screen before you pass on your device, and you’ll ensure all your password protected notes are locked.