Bhabhi makes OMNI News Punjabi edition

6 May 2010, SURREY, BC — Zymbiotic Technologies was recently interviewed by OMNI News about Bhabhi – the only Punjabi game in the App Store. Watch from the 5 minute mark – you’ll be able to fast forward after the commercial.
[Update: 6 Dec 2010 -- The interview was being hosted on the OMNI News servers, but it appears to have been moved. If we can retrieve a copy of the interview we will post it here. The interview was performed by Dilbar Kang ( of OMNI News. ]

Release 2.4.2 is on the way

Please update as soon as this update becomes available. This update fixes a critical text and audio related issue. Until this update becomes available: please tap Done to finish editing text before exiting the application or locking the screen; please tap Done to finish recording audio before exiting the application or locking the screen. Done must be tapped before you press the home button or before you lock the screen. The patch was submitted Dec 8th to Apple, and we expect it to appear on the store soon.

Audio quality is configurable

Please find the audio recording quality setting in Mental Note Settings, (tap the gear icon on the toolbar).

The default quality for audio recordings is set to Low. This keeps the size of the audio file optimal for email export.

Please try the Medium or High quality recording modes if you are not satisfied with the Low setting.

Password Reset

If you’ve forgotten your password to access your Mental Note password protected notes, don’t worry we can help.

Please email us the following 2 pieces of information to reset your password:

  1. your device type (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad), and
  2. the single line of information that appears at the very bottom of the Mental Note settings screen: on the toolbar, tap the gear icon, and scroll to the bottom, (e.g. “Mental Note version 2.3L”, “Mental Note for iPad version 2.1″).

OR use the Contact Support button at the bottom of the Mental Note settings screen (tap the gear icon on the list of notes), and mention that you’d like to reset your password in the email you send us.

Using this information we will generate a special URL and email it to you. Please open this email on your device and tap the URL. If you can’t tap the URL, copy and paste the URL into Safari. Mental Note will open and your Mental Note password will be reset: which means when prompted for a password to open a locked note, simply leave the password empty and tap OK. You’ll also be able to create a new password – tap the Password box in Mental Note settings and you’ll be prompted to enter a new password.

Release 2.2

In this release we have addressed an important stability issue affecting all devices. Please update as soon as this update appears on the App Store.

With this release we have also addressed a number of iPhone 4 compatibility issues. Extreme sketch jaggedness, and blurriness in a number of areas of the application were experienced on iPhone 4 devices due to the new display present in these devices. Version 2.2 fixes these issues.

This release also contains a feature which gives Mental Note a new look. We’ve introduced the concept of Themes. From the toolbar, tap Note -> Settings -> Theme. Select “Modern” to use the new theme’s graphics.