Mental Note in Engineering

SeSco Engineering & Building Science is a Civil Engineering firm in Ontario, Canada specializing in investigating, testing, and repairing high rise building exterior wall systems. Company President John Scolieri explains how Mental Note has allowed them to efficiently go digital for on-site inspections and reports:

“…a good chunk of our time is spent literally in ‘the air’. Mental Note has allowed us to stop carrying a paper pad and pencils on our work sites and this is HUGE for us as we no longer have to worry about dropped pencils or gusts of wind tearing paper out of pads when we are on the side of a building and 20 stories in the sky!”

When John and his team need to document their findings they can quickly and accurately capture all the information they need for their investigation: photographs of the building exterior, sketched dimensions, typed repair notes. All the raw data and ideas get captured into a page in Mental Note, and can easily be sent back to the office as a PDF in an email, right from the job site.

Because John’s team is on the go at numerous sites, they have to stay in touch with their smart phones, and stay organized with their site reports. They’ve found Mental Note on iPhone to be the flexible solution for them. The flexibility that Mental Note allows – the combination of typed text with photos, sketches, and audio, if needed, really has replaced the need for a paper notepad:

“This app does everything I need for me to finally stop carrying a cumbersome notepad to my sites! No more having to worry about my pen running out either. Every option works fluently with great flow… my vote for best productivity app. I recommend this to friends and colleagues on a daily basis!”

When John was thinking about moving the company from iPhones to another smart phone vendor, he had to spend some serious time considering if the move was worth it – largely due to the fact that Mental Note is currently only available on iOS:

“Mental Note is hands down the most used app on my iPhone and the only reason why I have to stick to iPhones… Our smart phones are always in our pockets and luckily for us so is Mental Note so, once again, thank you for creating such a great app and especially for always promptly answering our questions and listening to our suggestions on how to improve it.”

Mental Note – the digital notepad – capturing ideas as they happen for John and the team at SeSco Engineering.