Mental Note 3.13.1, 2, 3 updates

Over the last few months we’ve released a couple updates to fix some customer reported issues. We’ve also incorporated some customer feedback.

We made quite a few changes to get 3.13 working on large, full screen devices, (e.g. iPhone XS). A couple things we overlooked were the switch keyboard button (that globe button at the bottom of the keyboard which is used to switch the keyboard into another language if you’ve configured multiple languages, or to jump to the emoji keyboard), and the dictate microphone button. Both of those are functioning as they should now. Thank you to all the international customers that reported those issues.

There has also been quite a bit of work done to layout of text, some fixes related to moving of sketches, and an important audio crash fix.

Delete SectionRecently, more than a few users have asked us how to delete a section of a note. That feature has always been accessed by tapping the trash can toolbar button, then the Delete Section option. Or by swiping on a section. But to hopefully make this easier, we’ve now added a new feature where you can use the keyboard backspace key to start the “Delete Section” workflow. Place the cursor just beneath the section to be deleted and press the backspace key. The familiar delete button will appear on the section to be deleted.

(Did you know you can quickly and accurately position the cursor in a block of text by force pressing on the keyboard, then dragging around the keyboard area?)

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