Mental Note 3.15

Version 3.15 is now available. This update has been a long time in the making, due to various world, life, and company changes. Thank you for your patience while this version was being completed.

Search improvements.
The search criteria is now identified inside the note. This has been a much sought after request for many years. If you want to identify the search criteria inside the note, tap the “i” icon that appears on the right edge when you do a search. If you want the old behaviour where you search for something and you just want to open that note, tap the note from the list as usual.

Email export improvements.
Version 3.15 addresses a critical customer concern regarding export using email, where the email appears to sometimes not be sent. After much thought and investigation it appears this issue can be encountered if the Apple Mail app is configured but is not being used (i.e. user uses a third-party email app). Because by default Mental Note can only use the Mail app when exporting via email, we have added a new status indicator when exporting via email to inform that the message is queued. If you tap that indicator, the Mail app will open and that action of opening the Mail app will trigger the message to be sent. If you use the default Apple Mail app on your device, or even if you occasionally use it, you would never have run into this issue and there is no impact to you; continue to use Mental Note along with email export as usual. This issue with emails not being sent appears to only happen if you have not opened the Apple Mail app in a very long time. By occasionally opening Mail (e.g. tap the indicator) queued messages will be sent. Alternatively, if you use a third-party email app, try exporting using the Other app feature and selecting your app of choice.

Bug fixes and general improvements.
Rounding out this release are various cosmetic and other minor fixes.

Thanks for continuing to send us messages letting us know you are using Mental Note. We continue to use Mental Note on a day-to-day basis. Thank you for making notes with Mental Note.