Transfer your ideas from brain wave to Brainwave.

Brainwave for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch is a feature-packed, quick little note taker. Available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Works in full-screen landscape and portrait modes…

Works on iPhone and iPad…

Brainwave features:

•  Organize on the fly by tagging notes with any number of tags
•  Flag important notes; password protect sensitive notes
•  Create calendar events and reminders based on your notes
•  Change the size and font of the text
•  Export notes directly from Brainwave to a variety of destinations, in formats including:
   ◦   Email as PDF
   ◦   Send to Dropbox or almost any app as PDF
   ◦   Email as text
   ◦   Email as an image
   ◦   Extract using iTunes File Sharing
•  Create restore points, backing up all notes to a single file
•  Supports links (web, phone numbers, map addresses – optionally open in Google Maps, calendar dates)
•  Numerous configuration options
•  Length of a note is limited only by device memory
•  Supports all device orientations

Sometimes an idea can circle around and around in your mind – like a whirlpool swirling, or a tidal wave growing, it confuses, it overwhelms, and it isn’t until you write it down that it becomes clear. Write it down. Get it out. Record it before it’s washed away. Free your mind to work on other thoughts. Store your brain waves in Brainwave.