Mental Note turns 10

The first iPhone came out in 2007, the App Store in 2008, and way back in late November of 2009 we released Mental Note 1.0.

MentalNote.appMental Note has been on the App Store for 10 years! Have you been with us since the beginning? Thank you for your support!

We’re still using Mental Note, and we continue to keep the updates coming. The latest release of Mental Note is version 3.14, and it adds dark mode and other support for iOS 13. (And for those few who haven’t yet updated to iOS 13, have a look in Mental Note settings under Appearance, we gave you dark mode as well.)

We also made a number of bug fixes and improvements in a variety of areas. Straight line sketching is an optional feature that needs to be enabled in Mental Note settings (at the bottom), and then can be toggled on/off while sketching in a note by long pressing on the pen width toolbar button. When straight line sketching is on, lines resembling a straight line will be straightened out to perfectly straight. Based on some user feedback, we’ve made the straightening more sensitive, and so you should hopefully have a better experience sketching straight lines with this update. We also made improvements to the Export All notes feature. This feature is accessed by tapping the toolbar button at the bottom of the list of notes screen. A bunch of fixes were made to this feature, including adding the ability to now exclude locked notes from the exported PDF.

If you’ve never left a review, please leave us a star rating or review. Or even if you left a review years ago, please update your review and leave a comment as to how long you’ve been using Mental Note. Tap the gear icon at the bottom of the list of notes, scroll to the very bottom, and tap “Show support”.

Thank you for your support!