Songwriting with Mental Note

Mark Malagise of the indie rock band “THRIFT” uses Mental Note for iPad whenever he’s songwriting. Mark finds Mental Note so useful in his songwriting process that he uses it for every song he writes. Mark explains, “I use Mental Note as my primary songwriting application. Every song I write starts off as a Mental Note document/recording.”

Mental Note and THRIFTHe used Mental Note while composing the songs for his band’s new album, one of which is the band’s new single “Mockingbird”.

With songwriting you never know when you’ve got something. So you need to be able to capture free flowing ideas quickly. Mental Note has the ability to flexibly capture ideas as they happen, whether those ideas are sung, played, typed, photographed, or sketched. Being able to combine all of those mediums together on the same continuously scrolling page turns the amazing iPad device into a powerful creative tool.

Mental Note and THRIFTBrainstorming for the creation of a song involves writing lyrics and recording audio clips – and not always in that order. As in any creative process, the ideas spill out, and you try to get everything down, but often it’s just not possible with traditional means. Mark’s use of Mental Note for brainstorming song ideas has produced single notes with well over 100 embedded audio files – and it’s not just audio on the note page. Each Mental Note digital page makes it possible to quickly record multiple audio clips, while typing lyrics around each recording, on a page that has the inspirational photographs you took from earlier in the day mixed with your hand-drawn sketches and annotations anywhere on the page, and it does all this in a very simple, easy to use interface.

Mark writes, “I love having the ability to write lyrics and then record the song idea right there onto the page. The simple interface is clutter free and allows me to concentrate on what is most important… writing the song.”

Mental Note – the digital notepad – capturing ideas as they happen for Mark and THRIFT.