Password Reset

If you’ve forgotten your password to access your Mental Note password protected notes, don’t worry we can help.

Please email us the following 2 pieces of information to reset your password:

  1. your device type (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad), and
  2. the single line of information that appears at the very bottom of the Mental Note settings screen: on the toolbar, tap the gear icon, and scroll to the bottom, (e.g. “Mental Note version 2.3L”, “Mental Note for iPad version 2.1″).

Using this information we will generate a special URL and email it to you. Please open this email on your device and tap the URL. Your Mental Note password will be reset: which means when prompted for a password to open a locked note, simply leave the password empty and tap OK. You’ll also be able to create a new password – tap the Password box in Mental Note settings and you’ll be prompted to enter a new password.