Text Tips

There are a couple of neat features Apple included related to entering text on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Looking to position text? We don’t yet support automatic text positioning, but there is a (fun) workaround. Tap with multiple fingers on the space bar.The number of fingers used to tap the space bar will cause that many number of spaces to be inserted at the current cursor position. Tap with 2 fingers and 2 spaces are inserted. Tap with 3 fingers and 3 spaces are inserted. If you can fit 4 fingers on the space bar – yep, 4 spaces are inserted. iPhone & iPod touch users will want to try this in landscape mode.

Want to undo the last thing you just typed? Shake the device. This will only work while the keyboard is visible. A dialog will slide onto the screen and ask you to confirm the undo operation. Repeating the shake action allows you to redo the operation.