The Shopping List

Making a shopping list is always a good idea.  How many times have you arrived home from the grocery store and realized you’ve forgotten to pick up the bread?

So my wife left me a note to pick some things up for a dinner party we’re having tonight.  Instead of typing the information into my device, I took a picture of it.

While on route I thought of some other things we needed and I added those to the list.

I was making good progress zipping around the store, and I’d almost located everything I needed, except for one last item.

I had never tried this vegetable before, but my wife had heard good things about it.  It’s supposed to be very healthy for you – you eat it raw – and my wife had big plans to create a salad that contained this “jicama”.  I went around the store pronouncing the name: “GEE-CA-MAH”…”GEE-CA-MAH”… “Excuse me, do you know where I can find the GEE-CA-MAH?”.
Nothing.  Nothing but strange looks.

Finally, a very helpful lady asked me how to spell it.  “Oh, you mean HICK-A-MAH.”


Wait, say that again?

Turns out they didn’t have it but they recommended another store I could try.  Just as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I thought – mental note – I better remember how to say this, so I made a quick recording.

I made it to the other store, and this time, confidently strode up to the produce man.
“Excuse me, where can I find the HICK-A-MAH?”

He pointed to the left, “Over there.”

Mental note – jicama is healthy for you, tastes great, but it’s (ouch) pricey.