Mental Note in Business

Mental Note @ FASTSIGNSJeff Youngblood and his team at FASTSIGNS rely on Mental Note.

FASTSIGNS provides all different types of signage solutions around the world. Jeff and his team, which focus on Irving, Texas, selected Mental Note for its ease of use. Jeff explains: “Prior to discovering Mental Note, we had information scattered on as many as three apps in our iPhones. Pictures in the photo album, written notes saved in email and text messages, and we used a simple sketch pad app to make diagrams while in the field. Once we discovered Mental Note, we were able to put every detail in one app, Mental Note”.

On any client job it’s important to understand the parameters the client is working in. During an on-site client consultation, Mental Note allows the team to quickly document the site for sign design and installation. Any design and marketing ideas that spring up during discussions go straight onto the note page – whether it’s a photo of the target signage area, a sketch to highlight an important area, or a quick audio clip when a keyboard would take too long to capture an idea.

Notes are geo-tagged with the location the note was created in. This is important as the company expands into other regions and wants to keep track of their sign install base. Searching through notes using location brings up the clients in a particular area. By keeping notes on each installation, the company has created a photo and factual inventory of their clients and their signs.

Back at the shop, the notes collected in the field are then used to brainstorm further design ideas which also get recorded onto the note page. Ultimately the design ideas end up in a developed sign installed at a documented customer site.

Mental Note – the digital notepad – capturing ideas as they happen for Jeff and the team at FASTSIGNS.
FASTSIGNS uses Mental Note