Mental Note 3.4.1: iOS 7 ready

This version of Mental Note is required if you’re running iOS 7. This version also supports iOS 6. Mental Note 3.4.1 comes with a new theme called “Simple”. The previous themes are still available in Mental Note settings > Theme.

Some of our users who have been using Mental Note for years now have amassed a very large number of notes, in some cases thousands and thousands of notes – some of which are very large. Backing up this data is critical, and¬†backup files for these users were stretching certain file size maximums. Mental Note from a very early version has always supported its own backup file strategy. In the event of data loss this can save some time and hassle because complete device restores aren’t always necessary if you have a Mental Note backup file. Mental Note 3.4.1 now includes backup support for very large amounts of data.

Many of you have been waiting for other features, and there are more changes coming soon. We are now shifting back to that work, as it was critical for us to shift focus to iOS 7 compatibility. Please stay tuned for some exciting new features.