Give the gift of Mental Note – now giftable from iTunes

Give the gift of Mental Note – now giftable from iTunes – select your version at

In iTunes, click the dropdown arrow beside “Buy App”, and select “Gift This App”. You’ll be directed to a page where you can fill out either an email address, or perhaps more personable, print a gift voucher for Mental Note, which you can include in a card you send to the person in your life who

(a.) has paper notes scattered all around their desk / house
(b.) has new ideas all the time
(c.) requires a second brain to store all the things they have to remember
(d.) likes easy to use products
(e.) all of the above

Exercise your creative arts-and-crafts inner-self by customizing and personalizing your gift: print the gift voucher, cut out part of the printout (the code is the important part), paste it to some card stock, and create your own gift card.

Your gift includes unlimited free updates to Mental Note. The person redeeming the gift voucher will be entitled to receive all future Mental Note updates for their version of Mental Note. Each update introduces new features and improvements to the application. Also included is free support just an email away from our support staff at Please contact us if you have any questions about Mental Note.

* iTunes requires you to have an iTunes account in order to purchase a gift, (free to setup). Person redeeming the gift voucher requires an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to use the product. Please ensure the appropriate version is gifted (iPhone/iPod touch, or iPad). Click the image above to get started.