Screenshots in your Mental Note

Apple included a neat little screenshot feature in your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Hold down the Home button, press and release the Sleep/wake button, then release the Home button. The screen flashes for a moment. You’ve just taken a photo of whatever you had displayed on-screen, and saved it to your Photo album. So how can this be used with Mental Note?

Let’s say you’re creating a note that contains driving directions. From the Maps app, grab a screenshot of the map. Back in Mental Note, create a new note, add a photo, and select the map screenshot. Now you can type detailed driving instructions around the map, or add a voice recording to the note and dictate the driving instructions. Sketch right on top of the map to show a detailed route, and point out exactly where the destination is. Email the complete note to your fellow travellers, or keep it as your own mental note.

That’s one example of creating a note using a screenshot from the Maps app, but you could create a note using screenshots of any app, for example:

  • annotate screenshots of web pages from the Safari app,
  • make notes about your stocks and their trends, and use screenshots of your stocks from the Stocks app,
  • annotate an important point in a conversation using screenshots of a text message/SMS conversation from the Messages app.

Adding annotated screenshots to your Mental Note is as simple as: Grab, Add, and Annotate.

Thanks to Scott (one of our customers) for sharing with us one of the ways he’s using Mental Note. How do you use Mental Note? Send us a note at