Linking notes together

Use this feature to jump directly to another note – either from within a note, or from a different application. The feature is called “Copy note link“, and is supported in version 2.6 on both Mental Note and Mental Note for iPad.

Enable this feature in Settings, under Share Options. The Copy note link option then appears when you tap the Export / Share button on the Note toolbar (middle button to open Note toolbar, then left most button).

When Copy note link is selected, the currently open note’s special URL is copied to the clipboard.

How do you use this special URL? Simply paste it into almost any text field* on your device, and then tap it. (* – Not all text fields are “URL-clickable”; you may have to experiment!)

Here’s an example of creating a link from one application (the Contacts app) to a specific Mental Note:

Let’s say you’ve made a Mental Note about some points to discuss with a particular contact. When the person calls or emails you next, you’d like to be able to quickly jump to the notes you made for discussion. Essentially you’d like to associate the Mental Note with the contact. Here’s how you’d do it:

1. Create the note in Mental Note.
2. Copy note link (tap the Note toolbar button, then the Export / Share toolbar button).
3. Launch the Contacts app.
4. Edit your contact, tap in a new URL field (usually in the 4th group of contact settings after phone number, email, and ringtone), and Paste. Label this URL with a custom label, e.g. “Notes”. Save the changes by tapping Done.

Now you’ll see the special Mental Note link appear in your custom URL field labelled “Notes”.

Tap the “Notes” link, and Mental Note will immediately open to the linked note, (in this example, the User Guide):

Here’s another example. This example demonstrates creating a link from one Mental Note to another.

Let’s say you’d like to develop a set of interconnected notes, such as a set of field guide notes used to identify species of trees or insects. Create the note you want to link to, use Copy note link, then Paste into the other note.

Tapping the link immediately opens the linked note. Using this feature you can connect together a number of related notes.

We’d love to hear how you’re making use of note links, or any other feature of Mental Note. Send us an email at

(Special thanks to one of our customers – Lee M. – for suggesting using note links as a way to create a field guide.)