Mental Note 2.6: zoom zoom

Our continuing goal with Mental Note is to make it your digital notepad. Using Mental Note should be like using a (digital) sheet of paper. Version 2.6 offers some important new features that provide both the function and the feel of interacting with a digital note page.

Zoom: With this release we’ve added pinch-zoom of the entire note page. This means sketching is more fun than ever because more sketches can fit on a single page. You can move around the zoomed page while sketching (using a pinch-push gesture), sketches can be very detailed, and the result just looks way smoother – you’ll see your own handwriting on your notes.

Mental Note 2.6
More Zoom: This version of Mental Note for iPad offers the ability to zoom and rotate photos. This means smaller notes and more space to handwrite in the margins. Off-centre rotations give the page a hand-made feel.

Efficiency & Customization: Get more done with Mental Note by using custom paper types, such as pre-made forms or letterheads. This optional feature allows any image to be embedded into the pages of your notebook. Type or handwrite purchase orders, sketch music compositions, create notes on custom letterheads or watermarks. This is an optional feature that not everyone may require. More information about this feature can be found here.

We’ve also added a couple new fonts, a way to link from one note to another, a handy Dropbox upload status indicator, and many other enhancements and fixes.

Mental Note 2.6 is available on the App Store.