Quickly switch between different toolbars

When the toolbar slides into a different mode, the same toolbar button that was used to enter the new toolbar/mode can be tapped to exit that toolbar/mode. Toolbar buttons are “toggle-aware”.

For example:

Tap the sketch toolbar button to slide in the sketching toolbar. Tap the sketch button again to slide back to the main toolbar.
Tap the microphone toolbar button to begin audio recording. Tap the audio button again to stop recording.

Release 1.3

An eraser, a highlighter pen, and some additional note backgrounds have been added to Mental Note 1.3 for iPhone & iPod touch.

The eraser button appears on the sketch mode toolbar. Tap the sketch toolbar button and the sketch related buttons slide on to the toolbar. The eraser button allows toggling between erase mode and sketch mode. Tap it once to begin erasing. Tap it a second time to exit erase mode.

The thickest pen width is now a highlighter. In sketch mode, tap the pen width toolbar button to switch to a different pen. An indicator has been added to the sketch button which indicates the currently selected pen width. The pen widths range from 0.5 to 5.0, and the highlighter width is indicated by an “H”.

Tip: Using the finest pen width works best for detailed handwriting (0.5).

Graph paper has been added as an option for the note background, in white or yellow. White lined and white plain paper backgrounds are also options. Find these configuration options in the Mental Note Settings screen which is currently accessed from your device’s main Settings/Preferences application, (the “gears” icon on your device’s home screen).

Read more on our facebook page. More features coming soon!

Release 1.1

The 1.1 Release is now available. This release contains some of the most requested features including sketching in different colours and line widths, and typing notes in different fonts and sizes. A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have also been included. A new “Mental Note” section will appear in your “Settings” app when you install this update. Explore all the configuration options Mental Note now offers.

Both “Mental Note” and “Mental Note Lite” have been updated to version 1.1. If you upgraded to the full version from within Mental Note Lite, you may notice this Update is for the “Mental Note Lite” application. If you’ve already purchased the upgrade, installing this Update will automatically install the full “Mental Note” product.