Mental Note 3.3 + news & reviews

Version 3.3 of Mental Note – the digital notepad is now available. A number of users, including THRIFT’s Mark Malagise, asked us to make some changes to audio that should hopefully make working with audio a lot easier. With version 3.3, it is possible to:

  • Drag to seek
  • Export individual audio clips, or all audio clips – including sending those audio clips to other applications; even zipping all audio so you can send everything up to your favourite cloud storage solution.

A number of other fixes and improvements made it into this release, one of which is the ability to replace a photo with another, for example: You’ve dropped a photo into a note, and have text and other photos around it, and then later you decide you want to swap out one of those photos for another. Now you can swipe, tap Delete, then Replace – and with that you can quickly swap out one photo for another.

Another handy feature is the ability to import text documents from other apps such as from cloud storage apps (e.g. Box, Dropbox).

We are also working on some big features for an upcoming release, so please stay tuned.

We also wanted to share with you some recent news and reviews:

  • More and more educators have started working with Mental Note in their classrooms. A recent conference keynote (EdTechTeacher 2013, Atlanta) discussed some best practices in the science classroom.
  • Recent reviews from users in all different fields from around the world:

Wow! (5 stars)

by Pelterlove – Canada

Très utile pour documenter un évènement dans mon travail. Je prend qq photos, ajoute des notes et dessine où c’est nécessaire. Envoie par e-mail au format PDF et voilà un document d’allure professionnel réalisé en 2 minutes. Très satisfait.


Great notebook- much better than Apple’s (5 stars)

by Photoboi – Canada

I’m GM of a really busy restaurant/ bar in downtown Vancouver. As such, I find myself using my phone’s note feature all day to create quick to do lists, liquor lists, ideas, menu concepts etc etc and while iPhone’s Notes works very well, I hated that there is no safety prompt on the delete. So last night when the bar was really busy I accidentally hit the trash can instead of the next page arrow- one of my most important task lists gone forever, second time this had happened. Mental Note has a three -step delete; hit trash, delete prompt comes up, and a final confirmation. No more lost notes! And I love all the extra features available. Well worth the small outlay for my needs- an essential tool during my always crazy day; my phone’s note function is now basically my brain’s medium-term memory… Great app!


Awesomeness (5 stars)

by peppiesg – Hong Kong

Love it. I have been looking for something like this forever. Waiting for update version (as they always do).


Tolles Tool fürs Songwriting! I love it! (5 stars)

by joeiw – Austria

Ich bin ein Mental Note User von Anfang an und es ist immer noch mein bevorzugtes Tool fürs Songwriting. Es findet eine ständige Weiterentwicklung statt und die Entwickler hören sehr auf ihre User. Einige meiner Feature Requests sind mittlerweile nach Mail Kontakt mit den Entwicklern implementiert – toll. Mental Note ist so einfach zu bedienen und bietet mir die Freiheit, Lieder zu schreiben, ohne große Vorbereitungen zu treffen. Einfach hinsetzen, singen und spielen – Mental Note nimmt es verlässlich auf. Text schreiben und exportieren auf alle möglichen Arten… inkl. Dropbox, icloud, … Von mir gibt es eine klare Kaufempfehlung!


Brilliant handwriting, image, recording & typing app (5 stars)

by nickname approved – Australia

When I use this app – all the time – even other iPhone users are impressed by how quick and easy it is to use, and how smooth the handwriting is. Being able to draw an arrow or directions on a screenshot of a map, and then text or email it to a friend is awesome. Love the variety of export options, especially iCloud sync, option to create Calendar appointment with reminder, and ‘send in Mental Note format’ to other users of this app. And I really like the way it remembers my most-used export options, and pins them at the top. There are other handwriting apps in the AppStore, but Mental Note is so much better, with its uncluttered interface, thoughtful features, and frequent updates – who needs a pen?